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Here are some comments from our clients and other attorneys we've worked with: 

Tiffany Ballenger Floyd Client Testimonials 

Professional and Knowledgeable

“Worked with Tiffany and her team to restate an existing trust and establish a new trust with multiple business interests involved. She was very professional and knowledgeable of current estate planning strategies and methods. Her team is very responsive, and the work product was very well organized and packaged. Highly recommend!!!” -Ronnie, August 2018

Estate Planning

“Tiffany was very professional. She spent as much time with me as necessary--no rush. Everything was handled as planned. Her assistant Donna has been extremely helpful.” – Mary, July 2017


“Tiffany was timely and answered all questions promptly when developing my Trust. I recommend her to anyone.” – Brian, March 2017

If I could give her 6 Stars, I would!

Tiffany (and her assistant Donna) have worked endlessly to help us with our needs as her clients. Our needs consist of LLC creation, estate planning, asset protection, and trust review. Her knowledge of all of the above has left us feeling secure with our lives in her hands. She has consistently met our deadlines with efficiency and professionalism while educating us during the whole process. We are so grateful we have her in our lives to guide us!!   -Chris, October 2016

Genuine, smart, and looks out for me

I first hired Tiffany about 5 years ago to help me through a messy short sale. I found her to be incredibly genuine and also very astute. It has always been clear to me that she stays current with the latest legal information and is quick to apply her knowledge to help me. I also admire her for maintaining professional contacts in a variety of fields and offering to put me in touch with other professionals who can potentially build up my personal team. I recently hired her again to provide a comprehensive estate plan for my family. Again, she provided a great deal of insight on issues I never would have considered. Her team is equally great to work with - very friendly, very professional, and very efficient. I fully trust Tiffany and I recommend her without any reservations. – A., October 2016

Tiffany is a cut above the rest!!!!

I met Tiffany through a referral from a client who told me I wouldn't find a better estate planning attorney, and he was right!!! My husband and I had procrastinated doing our estate plan after our second child was born and just weren't over the moon about any of the previous attorneys we had talked to (including those with a Beverly Hills office address!). Tiffany was extremely relatable, considerate, and thoughtful when it came to discussing each and every aspect of our estate. My husband and I felt at ease despite some of the not so uplifting topics and felt that her advice, recommendations, and strategies were far superior to the previous guidance we had been given. She truly demonstrated foresight, knowledge and experience and managed to put our minds totally at ease. Her staff is warm and friendly and the whole process was completed in a very timely and efficient manner. I couldn't be happier and can't wait to refer all of my friends and clients to her! -Sara, September 2015

Professional and knowledgeable, a very comforting experience.

Tiffany and her team make you feel very comfortable with the whole process of estate planning. This was a first time experience for me and from the time I arrived at her office the level of expertise and professionalism displayed by Tiffany and her assistant Donna was evident. I never felt any pressure to hire her during our consultation but was sold by her knowledge and willingness to answer questions and spend time explaining the process from beginning to end. Overall a very pleasant experience. Thank you Tiffany and Donna.  -Pat, September 2015

Professional, Knowledgeable, and Very Reliable

Tiffany is very professional and client friendly. She always follows up and keeps you informed in simple terms the client can easily understand. I would recommend Tiffany without hesitation!  -Tom, July 2014

Top Notch Team for your Estate Planning Needs

Tiffany is sharp and savvy who deftly helped us navigate the sometimes uncomfortable topics of estate planning. She listens well and explains information in plain English instead of legalize. We liked the way she lays out your options and the features and benefits, and lets you determine the best choice to meet your needs. Estate planning is personal to Tiffany, so we also found comfort in the advice because it is coming from someone who has walked in the shoes herself.  -Seth, April 2014

Estate Planning

I highly recommend Ms. Ballenger as an attorney. She is very knowledgeable, well prepared, professional and answers questions completely. I am very pleased with her service and her office staff.  -Linda, July 2014

Tiffany Ballenger Rocks!

Tiffany Ballenger, hands down, is the absolute best lawyer I had the pleasure to work with. I have worked with many lawyers in the past and without exception, there was never any visibility when it came to time frame, cost or outcome. Tiffany exceeded my expectations to all my past challenges in working with a lawyer. She handled the case in the projected timeframe, which came in on the projected budget as well as creating the outcome that was originally anticipated....She created a high water mark in all categories, which I never thought could happen. Her personality, responsiveness and attention to detail are beyond compare. I rate Tiffany a "10" ...so I highly recommend Tiffany Ballenger, for anyone who would like to have their legal work done professionally and want to enjoy the best service and experience – ever! - Dr.D., a Business, LLC, and Real Estate client

Client Service & Professionalism at its Best

This attorney knows her stuff!  I was impressed with her ability to grasp and fully understand the legal challenges at hand and then navigate smoothly to a solid conclusion.  Throughout the entire process, I was informed and up-to-date.  All options available were clearly presented.  The agreed to plan-of-action was professionally executed.  My company is now in the process of transitioning other work to Tiffany Ballenger’s firm.  - Jim, an Estate Planning and Business Client

A great lawyer with the customer in mind.  A tough combination to find in Las Vegas until now...

Tiffany is a great lawyer especially with sensitive issues pertaining to wills and trusts. She handled my affairs with expedience and great expertise. The entire firm is customer oriented and thorough. Very happy to be protected by such a wonderful lawyer and look forward to recommending and using her in the future.  - Ara, an Estate Planning and Business Planning Client

Outstanding Professionalism!

Tiffany far surpassed our expectations in a lawyer. She was always available to speak or meet with us. Her extensive knowledge of the laws and bureaucracy we were dealing with in our case gave us great confidence. We always felt she was 100% on our side. She was very compassionate to our circumstances. We would highly recommend Tiffany.  -Kelli, an Elder Law client

Knowledgeable, Professional, and Courteous

Tiffany is thorough and great at interpreting the law.  She helped my husband and I with estate planning and we have a much better understanding of its importance.  We have been working with her for a few years now and she has helped us tremendously.  The staff is also great to work with and gets back to you as soon as possible.  -Anisa, an Estate Planning Client

Tiffany is responsive, knowledgeable, & a pleasure to work with!

I have worked with Tiffany and her partner Chris [Phillips] for a number of years.  She is a great communicator, she’s reliable, professional, compassionate and is an absolute pleasure to work with.  I never hesitate referring friends or clients to their firm because I know they will get taken care of.  I always look forward to our meetings.  Thank you for all of your hard work over the years, Tiffany!  -Sara A., an Estate Planning Client

Short Sale

Tiffany kept me in the loop on all aspects if my case in a timely manner.  Always professional and very knowledgeable as well as responsive.  I would highly recommend Tiffany.  -Chris, a Real Estate Client

Home ownership in Nevada

I met with Attorney Ballenger for a consultation. I will most certainly be retaining her as my Attorney. She is very well informed on all legal issues regarding home ownership. She discussed my situation with great interest and offered excellent advice.  - Marcus, a Real Estate client

Freedom to move on!

My home was 3 yrs on the market, retired but back to work, Tiffany helped me move forward with my life using a whole life philosophy. Her suggestions helped me protect my personal and business assets while facilitating the sale of my home and allowing me a future. Very responsive, extremely savvy, confident yet friendly. Her staff was supportive to my needs while being most professional and responsive. Anyone would be proud and comfortable having these professionals represent them.  -A., a Real Estate client


I want you to know that Tiffany Ballenger is a great attorney. You should be very happy to have her working for you.  Tiffany was very astute and responded very quickly when the first mortgage tried to slip that promissory note in at the end as a condition for final approval of my short sale. -Gilbert, a Real Estate Client



Tiffany Ballenger Floyd - Attorney Endorsements 

  • "I have known Tiffany since 2008. She is a brilliant estate planning attorney. She has a unique ability to explain complex estate planning transactions to her clients in a straightforward and understandable manner. She has worked with clients of both moderate and great means. A few years ago when she was with another firm, I entrusted her with my own family’s estate planning. You can't go wrong with Tiffany's help.”   - M. Graves, Litigation Attorney, Henderson, Nevada
  • "Tiffany is a trustworthy and very knowledgeable lawyer. I truly appreciated the time Tiffany spent in going over the many options I had with planning for my future and specifically she helped me understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of living trusts. I would highly recommend Tiffany!”    - R. Creighton, Bankruptcy Attorney, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • “Tiffany really understands the ins and outs of her practice.  She has given me valuable advice many times. I've referred out of state friends to her and they have all been thrilled with her services."   - M. Carr, Worker's Compensation Attorney, San Francisco, California
  • “I endorse this highly skilled estate lawyer.  One need not look further in this legal specialty. Tiffany's knowledge of estate planning and asset protection is exceptional.”   - G. Brod, Personal Injury Attorney, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • “My boss and mentor speaks highly of Ms. Ballenger, which is good enough for my endorsement.”   - J. Leavitt, Litigation Attorney, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • “An extremely talented and well respected attorney in the legal community.”   - S. Cleary, Personal Injury Attorney, Miami, Florida
  • “[Tiffany’s] knowledge of estate planning and asset protection is superb."   - H. Roitman, Estate Planning Attorney, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • “I endorse this lawyer. She is very well respected in the legal community.”   - J. Alexander, Personal Injury Attorney, St. Augustine, Florida
  • “I rely on Ms. Ballenger to structure the estates of my clients to ensure that their wishes are upheld and their assets are protected. She is professional, generous with her time and pleasant. I recommend her unconditionally.”   - J. Jones, Family Law Attorney, Las Vegas, Nevada  



Christopher Phillips - Client Testimonials

Chris Phillips, is hands down one of the best Estate Attorneys in Las Vegas that I have had the honor to work with. He not only handles all of my personal Estate planning issues but has helped many of Team Emanuele Real Estate clients. Whether you are in need of advice for your Trust, Living Will, Advance Directives or a Probate he will take his time explaining step by step to ensure that you are in complete understanding of his recommendations . If you want an attorney who truly cares about you as a person, hire this law firm. I promise you won't be sorry that you did.  -Richard Emanuele, September 2015

I have been working with Chris for almost 8 years. He is professional, responsive, handles difficult clients with ease and has a really great assistant, Diane. Working in the estate world can sometimes be intense, and I appreciate Chris' ability to make my stressful job a little bit more fun by having a great sense of humor. He and his partner Tiffany make a great team, and I never hesitate referring their firm. I am thankful for the many years of hard work and professionalism. Thank you, Chris! Sara A., 2013



Christopher Phillips - Attorney Endorsements

  • “I endorse this lawyer and have been working with him for years. Very good, reliable and knows his stuff.”   C. Gabroy, Employment/Labor Attorney, Henderson, Nevada
  • “I have known Chris for a number of years and found him to be honest, intelligent and resolution oriented on our dealings. Very knowledgeable.”   - T. Rau, Family Law Attorney, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • “Chris is very knowledgeable in his field and obtains excellent results for his clients.”   - J. Jones, Family Law Attorney, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • “Chris is an excellent attorney and a person I often rely on for advice in obscure matters of Probate.”   - E. McFarling, Family Law Attorney, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • “I endorse this lawyer. I have known Chris since he was licensed in Nevada, and I can say unequivocally he is an excellent litigator, with an amazing array of knowledge he has honed over the years to get his clients the best possible result.”    - J. Eccles, Family Law Attorney, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • “I work with Chris Phillips on the State Bar's estate and probate section and find him very knowledgeable and like his approach to helping clients.”   - J. Reed, Personal Injury Attorney, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • “Chris is one of the most knowledgeable and talented Trust & Probate litigators in Las Vegas. I endorse - and highly recommend -- this lawyer."   - J. Tomsheck, Criminal Defense Attorney, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • “I had known of Chris in the legal community for several years, and now have the pleasure of working directly with him. His outstanding reputation as a litigator is well-deserved. Chris is professional, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable in probate/trust litigation, as well as several other areas of law. I endorse Chris' work without hesitation!”   - A. Friedlander, Litigation Attorney, Las Vegas, Nevada



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Disclaimer:  Please note that the foregoing client testimonials and attorney endorsements do not represent any warranties, guarantees or predictions about your case/matter. 

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